selected submissions

Christian Detweiler and  Alina Pommeranz – Go slow and beware! A call for reflection on our computational surroundings

John Fass –  Designing for Slow Technology: Intent and Interaction    

Sara Heitlinger –  Slow Technology to re-appropriate our lives

Rossana Simeoni, Alessandra Marino, Amon Rapp, Fabiana Vernero – WantEat and Reward: Slow Technologies for Food

Chris Speed and  Larissa Pschetz – The Impact of the Network Society upon a Social Temporal Consciousness

Steffi Beckhaus – Slow Technology for Well Being

Costas Bissas and  Stefan Agamanolis – An experiment on Slow Technology

Rachel Jacobs, Mark Selby, Steve Benford – Engaging With Slowness: A Temporal Experience of Climate Change

Regina Peldszus – Hacking, Tinkering & Practical Jokes On Orbital Space Stations – Notes On Slow Technology Aspects

Peter Bennett and Mike Fraser – Slow Technology is Inefficient but Resilient

Jo Briggs and Mark Blythe – No Oil Painting: Digital Originals and Slow Prints

Tim Regan – Engineering Slow Technologies

Veronica Ranner – From Hardware to Wetware: How Sericulture Could Shift our Manufacturing Attitude in an Age of Biotechnology

Daniela Rosner – Slow Technology as an Analytical Lens