DIS 2012 Slow Technology Workshop | June 12 2012

Held in Merz Court Building on Newcastle University Campus

Please see the DIS2012 page on attending the conference for more information:

8-9 | Please first report to the Herschel building to register

  • Here you will receive detailed instructions on how to find the Merz Court building in which the Slow Technology workshop is being held.
  • After registering, please walk over to the Merz Court building
  • For instructions on finding the Herschel building for registration, please see the DIS 2012 ‘attending‘ page

9-9:30 | Introduction to the workshop

  • motivation for organizing workshop
  • general overview of the day
  • description of schedule (i.e. what we’re going to do)
  • brief introductions for workshop organizers

9:30-10:30 | Presentation of Positions on ‘Slow technology is…’

  • workshop participants 5 minute presentations on ‘what slow technology is’
  • presentation content can include: work documented in position papers, personal artifact, or a combination of both
  • please consider limiting your presentation to no more than 5 slides in the service of moving through the presentations relatively quickly

10:30-11 | Coffee Break

11-12:30 | Continue Presentations of Positions on ‘Slow Technology is…’ + conclude with group discussion

  • we will continue short presentations of participants’ positions on ‘Slow Technology is…’
  • workshop organizers will also present their own positions
  • this session will conclude with a group discussion of overarching themes of slow technology design space coming out from the presentations
  • we will aim to explore the underlying values of ‘slowness’ in technology, which will be used in the afternoon session

12:30-14:00 | Lunch

  • Lunch will tentatively be served in the Great North Museum (this could be subject to change)

14:00-15:30 | (Re)design exercises

  • breakout into different groups to re-design existing ‘fast’ technologies to reflect values of slowness
  • underlying questions to be explored:
    • what might be lost when moving to ‘fast’ technologies’?
    • what are core values associated with slow technologies?
    • what does it mean to conceptualize slowness when it comes to technologies?
    • what values are lost?

15:30-16:00 | Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 | Presentations of the redesigns

  • discussion of redesigns and values (and value tensions) implicated in designing slow technologies
  • concluding discussion on future directions